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Walk Like Someone Is Pushing You

by Systema Greenville
When walking most of us just walk. We don’t think that much about it, pay attention to our posture, and frequently take our surroundings for granted. For many walking is mostly free time.   And free time often equates to relaxation. So most of the time most of us walk more or less relaxed. While relaxation is a good thing just like anything else if it occurs in excess bad things can come with it. If our walking is too relaxed, for too long, bad habits can develop. Slouching while walking can cause tightness in the front of the hips […]

Systema to Reduce Tension

by Systema Greenville
Systema, a Russian Martial Art, is a philosophy of life focused upon reducing tension in all aspects of  life.  While it is not directly obvious that any martial art would have application to medicine, but in this case it does. The number of medical conditions that would be improved upon if there was less tension in someone’s life is too numerous to count. And who wouldn’t want less tension in their life? Systema Breathing According to Systema, a key element to reduce tension is breathing. Not just breathing per say, but with a different focus on the quality, timing, and […]

There Is More Than One Way To Reduce Tension

by Systema Greenville
There is more than one way to reduce tension. Whether it be your approach to the treatment of pain, weakness, and numbness, or toward reducing total load, finding a healing path that works for you is what counts. The four pillars Systema is a Russian Martial Art that is based upon four principles: Breathing, Posture, Continuation of Motion, and Relaxation. When the four pillars are studied it can become obvious that perfecting each of them one at a time can be difficult.  And being able to master all four at once can take a life time of training.  The good […]