Systema to Reduce Tension

by Systema Greenville

Systema, a Russian Martial Art, is a philosophy of life focused upon reducing tension in all aspects of  life.  While it is not directly obvious that any martial art would have application to medicine, but in this case it does.

The number of medical conditions that would be improved upon if there was less tension in someone’s life is too numerous to count.

And who wouldn’t want less tension in their life?

Systema Breathing

According to Systema, a key element to reduce tension is breathing. Not just breathing per say, but with a different focus on the quality, timing, and intent of breathing.

Systema teaches to breath in through the nose (to increase oxygen more quickly to the brain), and out through the mouth (to facilitate movement and restoration in the rest of the body).

Movement is also important, but with Systema all movement is initiated by breathing.  It is the act of breathing that initiates movement as opposed to breathing that is initiated after movement.

There is another important Systema pillar: relaxation.  Through breathing and movement, and tension reduction and relaxation can occur.

There are several exercises incorporated into Systema training for the ultimate purpose of self- defense, however with Systema the focus is relaxation right from the start.

It is not as important that you learn specific movements as it is that to be relaxed.

Reducing tension as a philosophy of life

Since that is not so easy to accomplish, reducing tension has to become a philosophy of life.  Side effects of Systema training include improved endurance, balance, flexibility, self-esteem, and a sense of personal awareness to help with self-defense in uncomfortable situations.

It is very important to find a teacher who is a certified Systema Instructor.  That should ensure a level of understanding of  pillars at the foundation of Systema.  Fortunately since reducing tension is one of the tenants of Systema, a good certified instructor should be able to teach you this martial art while minimizing tension.

That means that virtually anyone can improve their quality of life by learning and practicing Systema.

Since Reducing Total Load, the total number of things that do not allow someone to be well, is key to any treatment program at Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA we encourage anyone who wants to look at reducing tension in their life to explore Systema.

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