Move Your Hips

by Systema Greenville

Move your hips!

How often do you consider if you move your hips enough?

Even if you enjoy exercising, you many not have considered how important it is to move your hips.  Naturally, learning how to do so will increase range or motion, flexibility and muscular strength, but it can also improve tendon and ligament resilience.

While there are many specific exercises for the hips, to get the full benefit it can be quite helpful to think about the quality of hip movement, during the exercise.   Consider things like did the hip lead the movement, can the hip move in isolation, and can the exercise be done while staying relaxed.

The hips are important in holding your “square” or “Torso” on its frame.  If you fail to move your hips balance can be poor and there can be increased risk of injury or falling down.  If the hips cant’t be isolated there can also be more tightness all the muscles and joints. When hip tightness occurs some people even develop abdominal, pelvic, groin, or knee pain.

One thing is certain however.  by spending even a little bit of time each day exercising the hips, posture, motion, mobility, and out look all improve.

That can lead to less tension and a more relaxed approach to lifef.

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