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Martial Art Shows You Can’t Beat the System

by bobby schwartz
By Melinee Prochasson The St. Petersburg Times It’s the middle of a December afternoon, and in a spartan hall in northwest Moscow, a group of men and women of various ages are lying on the floor, while others are defending themselves from opponents wielding whips. This is not some sado-masochistic ritual, but a seminar devoted to a form of the Russian martial art Systema. Originally developed as a military practice for Russian special forces, Systema remains a relatively unheralded practice. Nowadays this training is also employed in the form of an education based on self-knowledge and control of others through […]
Adam Zettler Systema Russian Martial Art

Adam Zettler: Systema Personalized, Movement and Power

by bobby schwartz
This Systema seminar will be tailored to meet the needs of those in attendance.   Just like his Systema skills, Adam has a fantastic ability to adapt course content on the fly in order to make sure that what is presented has greatest impact.   That's what Adam does;  he adapts until he finds his power and then makes sure you know it once he makes contact.   Learn how he does it and grow your Systema skills!