Systema Health For Parkinson’s Disease

by Systema Greenville

Recently there has been alot of excitement regarding the use of three dimensional exercise to help retard or alleviate the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

And there should be.

While the newest addition to the arsenal is Rock Steady Boxing, at we have promoted other exercise programs including Systema Health  and Brain Highways for sometime now.

In each instance exercises intended to challenge you three dimensionally are employed.

In Rock Steady Boxing there is more emphasis on balance and punching, with Brain Highways the focus is on enabling full development through childhood brain stem reflexes so as to free the cortex (your brain) from having to struggle to do something it was never intended to do, and in Systema, a Russian Martial Art, the focus is on personal protection, reducing tension, and helping you to discover freedom.

Irrespective of which avenue you take any three dimensional exercise program that trains your mind to let the body do its work, and at the same time trains the body to be more comfortable with the work it does, is bound to bring great results.

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