When Tests for Tension Are Not Enough

by Systema Greenville

What might you do if traditional diagnostic testing is not enough?

Certainly there are situations when just that happens.  Consider the instance of tension.  In this instance, while traditional tests may address anxiety, they don’t really address tension. When this occurs physical assessment techniques may be more fruitful.   Examples might include trying to perform cross body movements, or muscle isolation exercises.

Systema Health to Reduce Tension

While we all have tension, and want to reduce it, most often simple, or popular self help techniques simply are not enough.  So, how can we reduce tension?  The Challenge and Choice program (see piedmontpmr.com) is a cognitive tool that helps many, however Systema Russian Martial Art and Brain Highways offer programmatic exercises that provide three dimensional stimulation.  And that can be an essential element in self-discovery that opens many doors to reduce tension.

Slow, simple and complex movements can be used to challenge our basic survival functions.  Developing comfort with that reduces tension is reduced at the most rudimentary level; the brain stem.

The nice thing is that it does not matter how old or young you are these exercises work.

Learn more about them by searching for Systema Health,  using either main Education tab, or the Education tab drop down menu from piedmontpmr.com.

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