Burst Breathing To Reduce Tension

by Systema Greenville

Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.  The idea is that when you inhale from the nose you get oxygen quicker to your brain and that helps to reduce tension.  While you may not actually be directly increasing oxygen to the brain with this technique, you are likely activating your autonomic nervous system (through a structure called the sphenoplatine ganglion) so that tension reduction, and increased oxygen delivery,  does occur.

Inhale through the nose to cut tension, exhale through the mouth to unlock yourself

If you exhale from the mouth you recruit your rib cage and diaphragm which in turn starts your moving (so you don’t lock).

Use Burst Breathing to recover

Burst breathing, or recovery breathing, should be used when regular breathing is not enough to keep you relaxed.   It consists of short, quick inhales followed by short, quick exhales and is continued until you either quieted yourself down or until you can control your heart rate with your breath.

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