Move and Maintain Your Square

by Systema Greenville

Move your square.   What square?  Your torso.

The portion of your body between your shoulders and hips.  When moving your square its a good idea  to maintain posture.  Think of stature.   Stand tall and keep your head balanced.

Your ears should be over your shoulders (your head should not be in front or behind the rest of your body), shoulders over hips, hips over knees, and knees over ankles (they all should be in alignment).

But moving your square also applies to your psychological and spiritual square.   The psychological square is what causes you fear.  Your spiritual square is your job (sometimes it is hard to remember to be safe).

By maintaining your square you are in a better position to move out of harms way.   It is everyone’s responsibility to do just that.

It also applies to your health care.   Keep your balance, maintain your posture, get out o harms way, and find whats makes most sense for you when making decisions about how to take care of yourself.

By focusing on how to move your square when you are well, you will be more prepared to do so when you under duress.

Learning to move your square can reduce tension, improve decision making, and help you enjoy life today.

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