Examining Structure and Tension

by Systema Greenville

We often think about structure and function affecting pain, and understand that tension only adds to pain, but we don’t often consider the impact that tension has on structure and function.

Tittel’s muscle slings illustrate how we are wired from a structure, function and tension point of view.

muscle tension affects structure and function

Tension can affect structure and function

Whether it be due to fascial pulling, brain stem induced anxiety, expecting that cause and effect are always inextricably linked, or simple fear, too much tension collapses our structure and reduces our ability to respond.  Fortunately, there is a solution.

Systema Russian Martial Art  incorporates a wealth of exercises that addresses all of these concepts in its approach.  Learning how we are put together in this fashion can provide a different point of view on how to approach musculoskeletal health.

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