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Martial Art Shows You Can’t Beat the System

by bobby schwartz
By Melinee Prochasson The St. Petersburg Times It’s the middle of a December afternoon, and in a spartan hall in northwest Moscow, a group of men and women of various ages are lying on the floor, while others are defending themselves from opponents wielding whips. This is not some sado-masochistic ritual, but a seminar devoted to a form of the Russian martial art Systema. Originally developed as a military practice for Russian special forces, Systema remains a relatively unheralded practice. Nowadays this training is also employed in the form of an education based on self-knowledge and control of others through […]

Understanding Body Weight

by bobby schwartz
In his January, 2020 Systema Seminar in Durham, NC, Emmanuel Manolakakis presented a unique approach toward understanding the four pillars or Systema; study body weight.   I, for one, thought this was brilliant. Body weight has to be one of the most basic elements of self, yet I had no idea what my body weight felt like.  I only had a cognitive understanding of what it was.  It turns out even a cognitive understanding of body weight is confusing to many.  Nature, June 24, 2019, published that about 15% under guess their own body weight, except for those who are modestly […]

Systema and Brainstem Function

by bobby schwartz
 Anyone who is an avid Systema practitioner knows that Systema is a philosophy that improves all aspects of life. My name is Bobby Schwartz, and I am a Board-Certified Physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a Fellow in Vascular Medicine and an avid Systema practitioner and instructor. I often get asked why I think Systema is beneficial to health. Some point to the incredible energy of Mikhail Ryabko and explain that he somehow passes this along to all of us. Others cite the unrelenting, unconditional, jewel of Vladimir Vasiliev as he shares his wisdom and skill. Then there are more […]