Great class of Bobby Schwartz. Thank you so much for so much knowledge, so much detail, and so much willingness to share.

Diego B.

Excellent quality of person and teacher thank you very much.

Leonardo B.

I have had the pleasure to train with Systema Greenville and have enjoyed the level of training they provide.  I believe the mindset they teach will benefit people in all walks of life.

The training is helping me to increase a calmer demeanor along with opening my mind up to another method of protection along with a new level of awareness of what is taking place around me.

Jake P.

I am writing to endorse the courses offered by Systema Greenville.  I have attended numerous training sessions with Systema Greenville over the last 2 years.  I have benefited from these sessions in a number of ways.   These benefits include:  decrease in physical tension, enhanced ability to work through stress, greater personal pragmatism in physical fitness, increased confidence in personal protection, expanded perception of surroundings, and clearer intuition of threat vs. non-threat.

As a high school teacher, part of my job is to diffuse tense situations.  Training with Systema Greenville has helped me become more aware of the stress levels of my students and properly deal with them without increasing my own tension.  Training with Systema Greenville has also helped me provide a calmer and more positive presence in my home as a husband and father.  It has also helped me become a safer driver by enabling me to be more aware of the dangers inherent in driving, more sensitive to the underlying fear response to these dangers, and better able to maintain composure when behind the wheel.

I completely recommend the training offered by Systema Greenville.

Nick S.

I am writing this letter to give my personal recommendation for the Systema Greenville / Systema Martial Arts school.

I was recently introduced and took part in a Systema session in Greenville with Dr. Robert Schwartz.   I’ve taken part in other typical martial arts programs in the past and have to say that this was one of the best.  I’ve played high level sports all my life, and in the short 2-hour session we had I was amazed of how little I knew.  I learned some really valuable skills about self-defense, tension, and breathing.  It’s helped me build a different level of confidence and has given me enough to start taking action on things that I really had no idea about.  Things I can use every day and pass on to my children as well.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn what Systema Martial Arts has to offer.  The training and instruction is first class.

Bob M.

Over the past 20 years I have been training in self-defense in Nihon Goshin Aikido and Daito­ Ryu Aikijujutsu, which incorporate kicking and punching forms.  Recently, I have started training in Systema and immediately noticed the difference between the more modem martial arts practices like MMA and the philosophy of Systema.

Systema focuses more on lessening the tension in a situation, thereby de-escalating the aggressiveness of the attacker. This psychological part of Systema is by far a better way to deal with one’s countrymen who have gone astray rather than the battle field and cage fighting techniques taught by some martial arts schools. While the restraining techniques of the Japanese martial arts are second to none, the inclusion of Systema will mentally equip our public servants to be better prepared to deal with tense situations that may arise.

Michael M.

I am a student of Greenville Systema and have been involved with this program for approximately two plus years. The “System” has taught me to control my response and reaction in stressful situations through a very natural breathing process. I have also improved my physical abilities and confidence in confrontational situations where I previously would have over reacted. While Systema is a martial art it is more importantly a way of life which allows the practitioner to lower his or her daily stress level and to react in a more controlled manner under pressure. Many in the law enforcement field practice Dave Grossman’s “tactical breathing” process. Systema teaches tactical breathing on a practical level, integrating it into daily life. I highly recommend Greenville Systema as it has taught me how to manage stress, deescalate confrontation, and control situations.

Greg S.

I had an incredible experience training with Master Bobby and the Systema Greenville crew. I’ve been carrying a lot of fear inside, after accepting a punch of Sonny that ultimately caused me to pass out. It took me several years to have the courage to try Systema again. I did some deep work with Alexandr Popesku.  Master Bobby and Systema Greenville advanced me on my path, reducing my fear further. Master Bobby’s medical background combined with a deep understanding of Systema Health gave me new insight into the source of my fear and practical exercises to work on, on my own, that are helping my mind and body integrate (incredible brain stem related work). I suffer from insomnia too (that’s very quickly shifting to “suffered”) and my time with Master Bobby has played a crucial role in my path back to happiness and health. Thank you for your time, mentoring and your friendship. You’re a very special human being and I deeply appreciate you.

Will F.

I had a session with Bobby Schwartz last year when he was in town. It was phenomenal. One tough cookie and I learned a lot from him

Derek S.

Dr Bobby Schwartz is very cool and has some great knowledge. I’ve gotten to work with him several times locally and in Toronto.

Jesus R.

I wanted to thank you for helping me through a life change and being a unbelievable help to me.  I currently feel better than I have in last 10 years and closer to God.  God forced me to reduce my prayer down to “I have no control over my circumstances and can only control how I relate to them”.  This is a prayer you gave me.  I had a hard time implementing it when you gave it to me, but 2 years later, it was there, when I was ready to accept it.  Also I continued to use Systema breathing in my own martial art practice, which easily transferred to improved breathing in everyday life. Without your help, I don’t know where I would be.  Instead ecstatic about where I am. Thank you Bobby

Charlie R.

Thank you so much Bobby for your support and kind words. Your family is definitely a great reflection of you and all the great things you do. I’m very impressed with the high level of professionalism your students and school showed. You are one of the reasons and causes of Systema’s growth in the world. It is a balance of teacher students and visionaries that makes up systema. You happen to be a great example of all three. Thank you again! God bless.

Tommy F.