Systema Health

Systema Health

Unless you are already involved in a martial art it may not be intuitively obvious that embracing the principles of Systema in particular is all about your health.  That is because embedded within its core it teaches you personal protection and through its four principles it offers you way to grasp what the word Freedom really means.

Systema is a lifestyle that is focused on reducing tension in all aspects of your life. It helps you to understand that there options (where as without it you may have thought your only choices were all or none). Yes Systema is a Martial Art but it is also a Healing Art.  Some go as far as to say the healing art actually came first.

The links to videos and articles that follow are either original content, borrowed from other Systema sites and pages, contain related concepts that are consistent with Systema, or come from my medical office’s website  Feel free to share this resource with others and to use it for your own benefit.

Links To Articles And Books :

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Links to Videos:

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Body Tension Regulation
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