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Martial Art Shows You Can’t Beat the System

by bobby schwartz
By Melinee Prochasson The St. Petersburg Times It’s the middle of a December afternoon, and in a spartan hall in northwest Moscow, a group of men and women of various ages are lying on the floor, while others are defending themselves from opponents wielding whips. This is not some sado-masochistic ritual, but a seminar devoted to a form of the Russian martial art Systema. Originally developed as a military practice for Russian special forces, Systema remains a relatively unheralded practice. Nowadays this training is also employed in the form of an education based on self-knowledge and control of others through […]

Experience Freedom

by Systema Greenville
Freedom from chronic pain, a life with less tension,  fewer limits and more options are things all of want. The problem is we just don’t know how to get there.  We need help to learn new tactics and strategies to help us get well. Sometimes in order to achieve such lofty goals we have to put in the quality time and sufficient energy to make a difference. It might even be required to develop a new system for life. One that is our own, one built upon our individual strengths and weaknesses. Systema Health is one of the treatment options offered at […]

Systema Training: What To Expect

by Systema Greenville
What to expect in Systema by Bratzo Barrena (Lima, Peru) Most people who attend their first Russian Systema class, come with preconceived ideas about what they will get from training. Often people have the wrong idea, as a result from their experience in other martial arts or combat sports (as practitioners or spectators); some come with distorted or even unrealistic ideas, probably taken from Hollywood movies. In general, we can divide these people in two groups: Those who expect to find techniques that are devastating, savage, and aggressive, techniques that brutalize the opponent and that allow them to easily defeat […]